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NFTs Attached to Real Assets

Quest Crypto is pleased to announce sports memorabilia NFTs.

NFTs attached to real assets, certified, authentic, and of the highest quality with never before seen airdrops, setting the new “Gold Standard” of NFT collectibles.

All Quest NFTs are automatically converted into digital assets that are portable into the Metaverse.

Featured Real Property NFTs

Carribbean Medical Arts

Land for developing a self sustaining community located on the northern Caribbean shores of Belize. Quest Crypto™ proposes to develop a Resort Hotel and Medical Tourism Campus, a housing development for expats and investors, a hemp plantation, and a local’s medical hospital. Quest Coin™ will be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services.


Why Quest Crypto?

Join our Quest to Revolutionize the Real Asset Industry

Quest Crypto™ is a decentralized crypto-based real-asset marketplace. Our tokens are irrevocably linked to real assets, making them more valuable, stable, and reliable. Quest Crypto™ merges the crypto & blockchain space with the real asset sector.

Group 23775

We tokenize property rights and sell those rights for stable and growing investments, an investment that is attractive in every market, from retail to institutional markets. Quest Crypto™ is revolutionizing Tether’s market investment by providing tokens that are verifiably backed by physical and potential metaverse assets.

Group 23776

Quest Crypto’s proprietary, patent-pending process irrevocably binds the KNAB token to the DNA of the property through crypto-collateralization. Quest Crypto™ offers a great deal more for mortgages, privileges, and other claims on the title.

How Crypto-Collateralization Works:

QUEST is the only real asset platform that allows for the ease of transfer of tokens through a unique process called crypto-collaboration.

Step by step: the keys for success

Land Backed By Crypto

Our mission is to make real estate purchasing, selling, investing and listing accessible to all. We hold the only patent that irreversibly ties land to cryptocurrency.

Building something amazing...

Of the People

Our leadership has extensive real estate investment experience

By the People

Our team has been burned by the bank and wants to make sure that no one else ever is.

For a better world

We are committed to preserving our earthly, cultural, and social heritages by backing special projects that make the world a better, brighter place.

Join The Revolution

High Level
Road Map

+ Quest Crypto foundation (minting)

+ Launch of Premier Projects

+ Government Lands for A Land-Backed Currency

+ Conservation Projects Coming

+ Metaverse + & Beyond


Introducing the KNAB Token

Today’s world is changing, and so are the ways of doing business and investing. Cryptocurrency, with its volatilities, requires it to be irrevocably linked to assets of real value, stability, and reliability. Quest Crypto provides precisely that.

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Astronaut and Coin

Get involved in minutes and learn how to purchase and sell real estate.

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