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The Knab Token

Governance & Access to the Quest Crypto Eco-system

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Today’s world is changing, and so are the ways of doing business and investing. Cryptocurrency, with its volatilities, requires it to be irrevocably linked to assets of real value, stability, and reliability. Quest Crypto provides precisely that.

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Quest Crypto’s KNAB token is linked to the metaverse and real-world assets, which can offer business opportunities for small and large-scale projects. The real estate market demands a revolution, so now these assets can be an investment pledge and protect against inflation.

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Quest Crypto lets you use these assets in a unique way, such as providing housing opportunities to those who do not meet the criteria of traditional financial institutions, i.e., Low income or bad credit. The KNAB tokens also allow the holder to buy from income-generating pools such as rental income pools. Furthermore, it gives you the right to vote and access to governance rights on the Quest Crypto platform along with the option to propose properties to be placed on our platform.

Membership Offers

Quest Crypto's KNAB token offers membership, value, and the right to vote. The KNAB token empowers its holder by providing benefits and opportunities which would otherwise not be available through traditional financial institutions.

The Genesis offer includes Three courses:

Buying and owning property

The future of tokenization

The future of the metaverse & how to make money through it

In addition, you will receive a membership to our community, which includes access to:

Mask Group 17

Quest Crypto voting platform

Nominating your property on Quest Crypto

Quest Crypto Conservation projects, which include:

+ Special pre-sale offers on NFTs
+ Opportunity to mint your own NFTs on conservation and preservation initiatives

KNAB Tokens:

You can purchase as many KNAB tokens as you wish, give them away, or keep them.


DAO Stands for Distributed, Atonymous, Organization. Used in managing crypto community voting rights, community management etc…. DAO’s are like a friendly HOA governing the currency and community. 

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