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QUEST CRYPTO Proudly Announces Sports and Memorabilia NFTs

Quest Crypto, the industry leader in Asset Backed Crypto and NFTs, announced its latest release. From the crypto company that brought you real estate backed Crypto and NFTs, is proud to announce our latest innovation.

Working with the best quality and most valuable sports collectibles and memorabilia, we are bringing to the NFT industry NFTs that have never been seen before.

Our Industry leading NFTs bring not only the uniqueness and verified certification of NFT technology to the collectibles market, but we attach them to real world collectibles that not only certify authenticity, but also provide provenance, certificate of origin, and grading as well.

Not only do we verify each individual collectible and memorabilia sold, but each item is graded, certified, and put into an NFT. We also include many bonuses, airdrops, and opportunities that give a QUEST NFT even more value.

Imagine if you are buying an NFT that is not only a top tier graded sports card that is guaranteed authentic, but also has a verified signature that is given the highest quality.

These NFTs come with regular updates and airdrops that are made only available to the owner of the NFT. From meeting the athlete in person at a dinner or event, front-of-the-line treatment, special backstage passes, or special deals on signatures and other opportunities, all benefits for the owner of our new Sports Card & Memorabilia NFTS. These NFTs are not only valuable on their own, you’ll also receive hotel discounts, travel, meet and greets, discounted tickets, and much more.

When you buy an NFT from Quest you get real assets, real bonuses, and real value for as long as you own the NFT. QUEST NFTs have a high trading and resale value as every QUEST NFT comes attached to a wide variety of real world assets. When you buy our NFTs, you are not just buying memorabilia, you’re making an investment that will increase in value far more than just the memorabilia.


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